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Educazione stradale, la Polizia Stradale all’Istituto ‘Poidomani’ di Modica

TJ0ohUUzNell’ambito delle attività svolte da questa Sezione Polizia Stradale, particolare impulso e stato dato alle attività finalizzate ai programmi di educazione stradale negli Istituti d’istruzione…

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As part of the activities carried out by this Traffic Police Section, particular impetus was given to the activities aimed at road education programs in the educational institutions of the Province of Ragusa. In the strategy of a horizontal extension of the training plans, particular interest and sympathy obtained yesterday 23 March the meeting with the teachers and teachers of the "Raffaele Poidomani" Comprehensive Institute of Modica, aimed at 5 classes of the Schools of 'childhood and a primary school class, for a total of 120 children, who participated with enthusiasm and genuine interest, asking sensible and surprising questions, which reinforce more and more the conviction that road education courses must be indissolubly established from the very beginning. early childhood and set up a primary course of study. Also on this occasion, the mascot dog of the traffic police "Balù" contributed to making the participation of children in the educational programs participatory and cheerful, capturing the attention and turning it into a game the didactic messages contained in the program of the Stradale operators. The calendar of meetings scheduled by the Traffic Police, as part of the Icaro Project and in adherence to complementary projects, does not stop and will extend over the entire provincial territory and for all levels of education.


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