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Viene fuori antico isolotto, livello marino si abbassa di 41 centimetri a Sciacca

14V7OViq L’anomalo anticiclone che insiste da giorni su gran parte dell’Europa insieme alle maree primaverili e il manager dell’insolito abbassamento del livello del mare che…

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The anomalous anticyclone that has persisted for days on most of Europe together with the spring tides is responsible for the unusual lowering of the sea level that in Sicily, in Sciacca, has brought to the surface an ancient islet whose existence was documented in some maps of the eighteenth century. The experts of the Environment Department of the National Institute of Geophysics and Volcanology (Ingv) explain this on social media. Last Wednesday "a large stretch of cliff emerged for about 50 centimeters, bringing dry rocks covered by algae and rocks covered with Posidonia oceanica", say the experts. "A few hundred meters from the coast, the islet of San Giorgio was also seen emerging, whose existence is documented only in some maps of the '600 and' 700 and never emerged during the '900. Some shots taken by drone carried out by the WWF of the Sicily Mediterranean Area showed rocks emerging for tens of centimeters in different points of the coast. The phenomenon was also observed in Mazara del Vallo, in the port of Licata and in Pantelleria. The lowering of the sea level has even made it emerge also some structures of the ancient submerged city of Eraclea ". The cause of this unusual phenomenon is actually a mix of different factors. "The presence of spring tides and that of an anomalous anticyclone that has persisted for days over much of Europe are the culprits", add the experts from Ingv. "The high pressure has in fact caused a temporary decrease in sea level at the low average tide observable for this season, causing a decrease in sea level of about 14 centimeters. Furthermore, the presence of wind from the north (from land) has probably contributed to the local decrease in sea level (the coast faces south-southwest) ". For many hours in these areas the tide gauge recorded a decrease in the sea level up to about 41 centimeters in Sciacca and 32 centimeters in Porto Empedocle.


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