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Automobilismo, Fazzino tenta il bis sul tracciato di casa della Val D’Anapo – Sortino

9Vd-Koq3Le prove cronometrate della 37^ Val d’Anapo Sortino hanno dato i primi dettagli sui pretendenti all’albo d’oro della gara che scatterà domani (domenica 27 marzo)…

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The timed tests of the 37th Val d'Anapo Sortino gave the first indications on the pretenders to the roll of honor of the race which will start tomorrow (Sunday 27 March) at 9.00. The traditional appointment organized by AC Siracusa and Siracusa Pro Motorsport will be the first round of the South Italian Mountain Speed ​​Trophy and the Sicilian Championship for Historic and Modern Cars as well as the first round of the new Le Bicilindriche interregional championship and will award three particularly heartfelt trophies: For the second time "Massimo Di Pietro", in memory of the never forgotten driver from Sortie, the third "Memorial Pippo Laganà", a recently deceased race official and the third "Memorial Piero La Pera", a talented driver from Etna. Among the main contenders for the final laurel there will therefore be Luigi Fazzino who, on his Osella PA 21 powered by Peugeot Turbo, set two practically photocopied time trials in the first and second practice heats, closing both performances in 3'17 "and confirming thus being the man to beat, despite the arrembante Luca Caruso who, in the second heat, came close significantly thanks to adjustments in excellent progression. Third force in contention is the Maletan Darren Camilleri on Ford Tatuus Honda, first among the drivers on E2SS Class single-seaters, who in the first heat went in the wake of the first, but in an attempt to improve himself, he was the protagonist of a slight accident in the second. reconnaissance climb. Still among the single-seaters the Gelese Orazio Carfì will want to mark a significant presence on another Tatuus but powered by Renault. “My car - explained Fazzino - unfortunately slipped a lot, so I avoided forcing uselessly and taking risks. The upgrades to the engine have obviously been profitable and we have also reduced the weight of the bodywork ”. Caruso from Catania said he was satisfied with the changes made between the first and second heat. "We worked on the front - said Caruso - because in the first climb we had problems with insertion. In the second, we found the right set-up and now I feel competitive to try and fight for the top". The victoriese Agostino Bonforte on Osella PA21 2000 and Lorenzo Sardo from Sortino with the Osella "millino", that is the 1000 cc PA 21 Jrb. Peugeot 205 and that of the Catania driver Angelo Guzzetta who, with an exciting performance on the Citroen Saxo VTS of the RS Plus Group prepared by Ferrara Motors, aims straight for the top ten. Andrea Currenti who, after having made some changes, was unable to improve himself due to technical problems still present. re of Gruppo GR5 led by Antonino Caltabiano and Giuseppe Marcellino. There will be no lack of emotions, at least from the battle under test, between historic cars. The best of the performances came in the 4th Group, where Antonio Piazza set the best time on Lucchini 3000. Head to head between the two best respectively of the 2nd Group Domenico Guagliardo with the Porsche 911 Rs and of the 5th Camillo Centamore on the Corsini Junior Formula. Under 4 minutes also Salvatore Caristi from Messina with his appreciated Fiat 128 of 3 ° Raggruppamento with which he has the category primacy in his sights. Among the oldest cars of the 1st Group, Giuseppe Riccobono was the fastest with the 2002 BMW. The race will always be held in two heats directed by the Palermo expert Marco Cascino and by the added Manlio Mancuso and Gianmarco Lumia. (In the photo Luigi Fazzino on Peugeot)


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Le prove cronometrate della 37Val d'Anapo Sortino hanno dato le prime indicazioni sui pretendenti all'albo d'...pilota catanese Angelo...sempre su due manches dirette dall'esperto palermitano Marco ...


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