Catania, Piazza Mazzini diventa zona pedonale. Opinione di Forza Italia.

Forza Italia fully supports and endorses the decision of Mayor Enrico Trantino and Deputy Mayor Paolo La Greca regarding the pedestrianization of Piazza Mazzini. This represents a significant step towards a more organized, sustainable, and livable city, offering numerous benefits. The pedestrianization enhances the historical center by providing citizens and visitors with the space to enjoy the architectural and cultural beauties. It also promotes sustainable mobility by reducing pollution caused by congested traffic. Another advantage of this initiative is the fight against illegal parking attendants and unauthorized parking, which not only inconvenience residents but also damage the city’s reputation. Pedestrianization will help put an end to these undesirable practices. Additionally, Forza Italia welcomes initiatives such as free metro rides and the night metro shuttle, which make the historical center more accessible and further promote the use of public transportation.

Catania, piazza Mazzini diventa pedonale. Forza Italia:

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