Angela da Mondello sposa Peppone, amore eterno (VIDEO)

Angela Chianello, also known as “Angela da Mondello”, has fulfilled her dream of love by getting married in Palermo. The popular TV personality, famous for her catchphrase “Non ce n’è Covid”, said yes to her longtime boyfriend Giuseppe Di Carlo, also known as Peppone, in a touching civil ceremony. The couple has been in love for 18 years and finally had the opportunity to tie the knot. Angela shared moments from the ceremony on social media, including exchanging vows and throwing the bouquet, as well as announcing a big celebration to commemorate the event. Angela became a household name in 2020 when she uttered the now famous phrase during an interview, and her life has changed significantly since then. This marriage represents the culmination of a long and tumultuous love story with Giuseppe. Despite the ups and downs, their love has prevailed, and Angela is now a married woman, looking elegant in her white dress.

Angela da Mondello si è sposata con il suo Peppone (VIDEO)

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