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Vittoria, Piazza del Popolo cambia look: previsto pure il “trasferimento” degli alberi

Dh0mK-oFPiazza Del Popolo a Vittoria cambia look, prende il via il “trasferimento” degli alberi, che saranno trasportati e ripiantati, dopo averli sradicati, alcuni nella…

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Piazza Del Popolo in Vittoria changes its look, the "transfer" of the trees begins, which will be transported and replanted, after having uprooted them, some in the Emaia area and others in suitable places, depending on the type. The square therefore returns to the visual usability of all, with its most beautiful monuments: Theater and Church. This choice - states a note from the Municipality - which was dictated by a series of reasons, including first and foremost the safety of the entire surface of the square. A choice that finds the comfort and consent of the municipal council and the competent offices who have expressed a favorable opinion, after having examined the project and having consulted competent technical staff. Over the years, about half a century, Piazza Del Popolo has suffered damage that makes the static nature of the places safe. As is known, in fact, under the pavement there are caves and tunnels, intended for shelters during the Second World War, which even lead to other areas of the city, these have been attacked by the enormous roots of the trees, which have created damage, in some cases irreversible. Furthermore, the same roots have seriously compromised the water and electrical systems that cross the square itself and have created damage to the pavement, creating a danger of instability of the square, which must be excluded from the meeting place, in the event of seismic events. It is useless to list the damage suffered by dozens of people who, due to the uneven ground, fell ruinously on the pavement, causing themselves injuries and asking for the right compensation for this. A choice made by the municipal administration that will certainly contribute to giving spaces to live for free time. In addition, a European tender will serve to enhance the backdrop of the theater and the church, which represent a national value to be displayed and highlighted, a virtue of the city of Vittoria.



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