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In the light, in the morning, in the midday, in the sunset, in the night. The Valley of the Temples, Valle dei Templi, in Agrigento is one of the most impressive complexes of ancient Greek buildings outside Greece. As written by the poet Pindar, Akragas the most beautiful city of those inhabited by man. Founded by colonists from Gela and Rhodes in 580 BC, between the middle of the sixth century and the end of the fifth century BC, the city has been the site of extraordinary constructions.
In a Doric style, in the ancient Akragas, among the buildings: the Temple of Dioscuri (Castor and Pollux), the Temple of Olympian Zeus (Jupiter), the Temple of Heracles (Hercules), the Temple of Concordia and the Temple of Juno.
Only the temple of Zeus has the exact name because the others are very uncertain attributions.
The writer and poet von Goethe about the valley: “.. towards the southern end of this green and blossoming terrain does one spot the temple of Concordia rising above it, as well as to the east the scant remains of the temple of Juno”. Have a nice journey with me, Al.
Voice and photo by Al.

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