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Torneo Ordini degli avvocati “Dire e Contraddire”: vince la disputa il Maurolico di Messina 

Torneo Ordini degli avvocati “Dire e Contraddire”: vince la disputa il Maurolico di Messina

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"Dire e Contraddire" Bar Association Tournament: the Maurolico of Messina wins the dispute High school students are transformed into "lawyers" in the national competition conceived by the Order of Taranto to which the two Sicilian cities have joined MESSINA (11 apr) - It will be the classical high school Maurolico di Messina to challenge the other schools in Southern Italy to enter the final in Rome in the national tournament of the dispute "Dire e Contraddire", conceived by the Taranto Bar Association and now in its second edition, to which the professional associations of Messina and Palermo. This morning the first dispute, in the Aula Magna of the Court of Appeal of Palermo, in which the team of Maurolico "Maurodike" beat that of Garibaldi "Verba manent" on the track, drawn by lot a month during the presentation, linked to the historical Napoleon Bonaparte's sentence: “He wanted a European Code, a European Court of Cassation, the same currency, the same weights and measures, the same laws. Thus he would have made Europe a single people ”. The 2022 edition of the competition sees a total of 1500 students participate from all over Italy: the team that will demonstrate greater ability to argue and counter-argue their thesis will be the first, through an effective speech modulated to the rhythm of ethos, logos and pathos. is to make young people acquire argumentative and persuasive knowledge and techniques, aiming to spread the culture of democratic values, citizenship rights and duties and legality through an engaging dispute ". The Maurolian team has chosen “Ubi societas, ibi ius” as its motto and is made up of students Sara Tommasini, Claudio Messina, Giulia Bisazza, Giulia De Filippo, Gianmaria Puglisi, Giada Alimandi and Emanuele Scaramozzino. This morning's dispute was attended by the president of the Messina Bar Association, Domenico Santoro, accompanied by the councilor Giuseppe Valentino. The jury that judged the dispute was made up of the president of the Palermo Order Antonello Armetta, the vice-president of the Messina AOC Isabella Celeste, the legality commission member of the CNF Giuseppe Condorelli. The Territorial Referent for Legality Education of Messina Isabella Barone is in charge of the tournament, assisted by the councilors Antonio Cappuccio, Frida Simona Giuffrida, Elena Florio and Antonio De Matteis and the contact person of the AOC of Palermo for Relations with schools Daniela Cascio. Particularly satisfied with the result the school director of Maurolico Giovanna De Francesco and the professor Filippo Alessi who guided the students in the preparation of the dispute. The next round of the tournament for the Maurolico team will be shortly: it will clash against a team from Vibo Valentia and a team from Trani; while the final in Rome is scheduled for 25 May. President Santoro expressed equal satisfaction for the great performance of the Maurolico team during the debate which, while meeting the formidable opponents of the Palermo high school, managed to score a victory that will be auspicious for the next matches; applauds the work of the high school teachers, the delegate Barone and all the council staff. Santoro finally underlined the excellent welcome and hospitality of the AOC of Palermo.


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