Biomedicina a Reggio Calabria: un percorso che supera i test.

Arianna Vicari, a student from Vicenza, has achieved the highest score in the national entrance exam for medical school, making her first out of 80,000 candidates. She attributed her success to a biology course with a biomedical focus that she took in her high school in Vicenza. The vice president for education, Giusi Princi, expressed her pride in Arianna’s achievement and highlighted that the course was originally developed and experimented with at the Leonardo da Vinci Scientific High School in Reggio Calabria. The course has now been adopted by the Ministry of Education and the National Federation of Doctors and is being implemented in 300 high schools across Italy, with the Leonardo da Vinci school leading the way. Currently, there are 17 schools in Calabria offering the course, with 106 provincial medical orders and 60,000 students participating. The success of the program has been recognized by the secretary general of the National Federation of Doctors, who congratulated Arianna in a YouTube video message. The vice president also announced plans to propose the institutionalization of the biomedical high school program, with a specific curriculum on biomedicine taught by science teachers and doctors, as well as practical activities in healthcare facilities. The president of Calabria, Roberto Occhiuto, expressed his pride in the Calabrian initiative and hopes that the new generation of doctors will become an asset for the region. The vice president thanked various individuals involved in the development and coordination of the program, including the president of the medical order, the secretary of the National Federation of Doctors, the national coordinators for the medical class and teaching, and the administrator of the platform used to coordinate the Italian high schools offering the program.

Test superati grazie al percorso di biomedicina ideato a Reggio Calabria

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