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Taormina, al Teatro Antico il 18 maggio “Ciao Franco…Over and over again”: omaggio a Battiato

kl48YZ9cA un anno esatto dalla scomparsa di Franco Battiato, il Teatro Antico di Taormina mercoledì 18 maggio, alle 20.30, ospiterà “Ciao Franco…Over and over again”:…

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Exactly one year after Franco Battiato's death, the Ancient Theater of Taormina on Wednesday 18 May, at 8.30 pm, will host "Ciao Franco ... Over and over again": an intense concert-event that will see several artists on the stage of the icon theater of Sicily, including Carmen Consoli and Red Canzian, to sing some of the most intense pieces of the great composer and intellectual. The event, conceived by Angelo Privitera and Orietta Piazza, follows in the footsteps of the “Over” project, which was received with success and emotion in Italian theaters in the last year. Conservatory teacher, keyboardist and programmer, Privitera has followed Franco Battiato for over thirty years on tours around the world and as a profound connoisseur of the Maestro's sounds - witness of exhilarating, if no longer exactly hilarious episodes, between Franco Battiato and the big music - he designed a tribute show dedicated to him. With Privitera on the piano, there will be the voice of Fabio Cinti, refined singer-songwriter and winner of the Targa Tenco in 2018, the strings of the Nuovo Quartetto Italiano (Alessandro Simoncini, Luigi Mazza, Demetrio Comuzzi and Marco Ferri), and the Vincenzo Conservatory Orchestra Bellini in Catania, conducted by Maestro Francesco Libetta. In the rigor of the original arrangements, loved and kept in the sonorous memory of its fans, "Over" (from the refrain of "Permanent gravity center") stitches together music, words, memories and testimonies of artists and professionals who met Franco Battiato throughout his long career. For the show in Taormina, conducted by Daniele Bossari, in addition to the performance of Carmen Consoli and Red Canzian (bassist and voice of the Pooh) Privitera called together great friends of Franco who did not want to miss the roll. Video links are scheduled with the journalist Vincenzo Mollica, a very popular music critic of Tg1 Rai and a great admirer of Battiato; and overseas with Ben Fenner, Battiato's sound engineer for a long time, an artist who for fifty years has been constantly searching for and mixing unexplored sounds, constantly poised between the languages ​​and vocals of Western and Eastern music, passing through the icy vibrations of the electronic one. Michele Di Lernia will be present, the Emi record company under whose insignia "La voce del padrone" was recorded (1981), an album of over one million copies (the first in the history of Italian discography) which consecrated his success and fame at international.



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