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Siracusa, auto vola in campagna in viale Paolo Orsi: signora in ospedale

_ywaNnjLSarebbe stata una brusca manovra a portare fuori strada un’auto finita in aperta campagna a Siracusa. Lo scontro autonomo, che non ha coinvolto altri veicoli, si…

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It would have been an abrupt maneuver to take a car off the road that ended up in the open countryside in Syracuse. The autonomous accident, which did not involve other vehicles, occurred this morning a few minutes before 11.30 in Viale Paolo Orsi, on the southern outskirts of the city. The vehicle with three occupants on board broke through the metal railing and finished the race in the countryside. One of the occupants, a girl, was transported to the Umberto I hospital with an ambulance of 118, with the firefighters having to cut the roof of the car to extract the woman from the twisted metal sheets. The other two occupants managed to get out of the car with their own feet even if visibly in shock from the narrow escape. Municipal agents intervened on the spot to investigate the case.


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