Siracusa 🇮🇹 Sicily, Italy | 4K-HDR walking tour (▶ 36 min)

Syracuse, or eye to eye with archeology
Sicily is an island extremely attractive for history lovers, as you can see for yourself, among others. during a visit to Syracuse. The local archaeological site is one of the most important in the Mediterranean region.
Sicily is a unique island where each of us can spend our free time in an interesting way. Beautiful beaches, ancient cities full of historic buildings and archaeological sites – these are the attractions that make this part of Italy an extremely interesting destination.

0:00 Basilica Santuario Madonna delle Lacrime
0:12 Harbor Siracusa
3:44 Corso Umberto I Siracusa
4:34 Ponte Umberto I
6:14 Temple of Apollo
8:18 Via dell’Apollonion
11:47 Church of San Pietro
13:15 Via S. Pietro
15:05 Fontana di Diana
15:59 Via Roma
18:53 Piazza Minerva
19:02 Piazza Duomo
19:17 Cathedral of Syracuse
20:01 Piazza Duomo
20:25 Archbishop’s Palace
20:36 Piazza Duomo
21:34 Chiesa di Santa Lucia alla Badia
22:10 Via Pompeo Picherali
24:08 Belvedere dI Largo Aretusa
24:43 Fonte Aretusa
28:18 Lungomare Alfeo
32:55 Castello Maniace

Siracusa 🇮🇹 Sicily, Italy | 4K-HDR walking tour (▶ 36 min)

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