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Sicilia, impugnato esercizio provvisorio resoconto regionale: “veleni” da Rifondazione

RNVUYuNx”Il Governo Musumeci ci sta portando in direzione del baratro. Impugnato pure l’esercizio provvisorio. La Sicilia alla fine ha il suo record grazie al Governo Musumeci, pure…

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"The Musumeci government is taking us towards the abyss. The provisional exercise is also being challenged. Sicily finally has its record thanks to the Musumeci government, even if the sad record is that of the laws challenged by the government". This was stated in a note from the regional secretariat of the Communist Refoundation. "Even more serious - continues the document - if the provisional exercise authorization law is being challenged, which should guarantee at least the ordinary management pending the approval of the budget, the most important economic instrument for our Region, without which it is not possible to plan any investment or to ensure basic services and social spending. Failure to approve the budget also compromises the planning capacity of many local authorities, already in the grip of the stability pact and mandatory provisions, and whose economic situation has worsened further in recent months due to the worrying increase in electricity costs. All this demonstrates the absolute inadequacy of the Musumeci government, of the now former right-wing majority in the ARS and of the center-left opposition, tangled in tactics and acrobatics for the maintenance of power and to reposition itself in view of the upcoming regional elections, to the detriment of the interests and problems of Sicilian citizens. The PRC is therefore committed to building an anti-liberal left pole that achieves broad convergences with all the political and social forces on the left of the PD, concretely committed to finally offering Sicilian society a credible and reliable social and political reference ".



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