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Ragusa, collegamento periodico con il cimitero di Marina: approvato in Consiglio atto di indirizzo PD-M5S

xb2_QC4iDopo che, per problemi di spazio nel camposanto centrale e in quello di Ibla, certune persone si sono viste costrette a seppellire i loro cari…

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After, due to space problems in the central cemetery and in that of Ibla, some people were forced to bury their loved ones in the municipal cemetery of Marina di Ragusa, the need emerged to guarantee a periodic connection with this site that rises. at the gates of the coastal hamlet. "For this reason - affirm the group leaders of the Pd and Cinque Stelle, respectively Mario Chiavola and Sergio Firrincieli - in October, the leader of the Pd group presented an act of guidance for the establishment of a periodic shuttle bus that would allow these people to be able to reach the graves of their loved ones to be able to honor them. Leaving aside the fact that since October the address was only discussed in yesterday's session, the Administration opposed a series of problems with respect to the will expressed by the opposition, motivating it with difficulties due to the costs that, to activate a service of the generally, they would be excessively burdensome for the City's pockets ". In the face of this, the idea of ​​the parent company Firrincieli to intervene against the transport company that currently guarantees the connection between Ragusa and Marina. "In fact, in order to avoid the rejection of the deed, the opportunity was suggested - Chiavola and Firrincieli further clarify - to speak with the company to ensure that it can carry out, at least twice a week, a small detour, both outward and return, in the morning, to get up to in front of the cemetery. In the face of this eventuality, which in our opinion can be implemented without a shot being fired, the address deed passed unanimously, with the signature of the majority group leader, as proof of the goodness of the idea. Now, we expect the municipal administration to move accordingly and that the provisions of the policy act can be implemented ".


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