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Ponte sullo Stretto, Matilde Siracusano (Fi): “Basta perdere tempo”

h0NOjsCp”Sulla esecuzione del Ponte sullo Stretto di Messina la scompiglio regna sovrana, sarebbe invece fondamentale un’operazione celebrità. Ci sono interi territori che aspettano da decadi…

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"Confusion reigns supreme over the construction of the Messina Strait Bridge, but clarity would be indispensable. There are entire territories that have been waiting for a stable and fast connection between Sicily and Calabria for decades: these communities deserve an answer. In September 2021 the Minister of Infrastructures, Enrico Giovannini, had assured that by the spring of 2022 we would have the new feasibility study of this great work. An in-depth study wanted by the executive despite a dossier commissioned by the previous minister of public works, Paola De Micheli, for whose elaboration took many months, had already clarified the need to build the bridge. We are in 2022, we have been in spring for three days, and obviously not even the shadow of the studio. Perhaps, from what has been learned, RFI will begin to communicate the calendar of works on this new feasibility study ". So Matilde Siracusano, Forza Italia deputy from Messina. "We would like to understand if this will be a preparatory document for the construction of the bridge, or another found to waste time. One thing is certain: the problem of the connection between Sicily and Calabria cannot be solved by decreasing Biblical times are a few minutes to cross - especially by train - the Strait. It would be desirable to have transparency - he concludes -. A dry question: does the Draghi government want this great work? Yes or no? There is no third way ".



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