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Addetti ecologici oggi in sciopero a Solarino: sit-in in piazza Plebiscito

H228Xav6Lo avevano programmato da un lungo periodo e stamane e stato sciopero. Niente raccolta dell’immondizia a Solarino per lo sciopero degli addetti ecologici che hanno avviato un’azione…

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They had planned it for some time and this morning it was a strike. No garbage collection in Solarino due to the strike of the ecological operators who have started a protest action against Ecos Srl, the company that was awarded the contract with the Municipality. The company, according to the union representatives of Fiadel, would not respect the employment contract, putting less than due in the pay packet. The workers this morning crossed their arms as they gathered in Piazza del Plebiscito a stone's throw from the town hall. A peaceful and motivated protest to the Solarians through social media and the local press. "No forcing - said the company union representative Gianluca Battista - but it is a matter of asserting our rights. In the absence of answers from the company, we will remain agitated by proclaiming more strikes, without ever violating the law".


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