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Ars, Gianina Ciancio (M5S): leggi impugnate, Sicilia regina dei flop e nessuno ha fatto peggio

tsw99KMR“La Regione Sicilia si e fatta impugnare dallo Stato ben 16 leggi regionali su 35 emanate nel 2021 e si e collocata così al 1º…

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“The Sicilian Region was challenged by the state as many as 16 regional laws out of 35 enacted in 2021 and thus placed itself in first place in the national ranking: an absolute record compared to all other Italian regions. The vast majority of these laws are government-led, not parliamentary. Another black jersey, therefore, for the Musumeci government, with Armao and Cordaro who are the most targeted councilors in the appeals of the state ”. This was stated by the regional deputy of the 5 Star Movement, Gianina Ciancio, who conducted a study starting from the data published by the Department for General Affairs and the autonomy of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers. “The appeal - underlines Ciancio - is a tool used by the Council of Ministers to reject and submit to the scrutiny of the Constitutional Court the regional laws that present profiles of unconstitutionality. It should therefore be an exceptional fact, but in Sicily it has almost become a custom. In 2021, about 45% of our laws were challenged by the state. The other 'worst' Italian Regions see much lower and physiological rejection percentages: 20% (Molise), 19.4% (Sardinia) or 15% (Abruzzo) and so on, up to Regions such as Liguria, Piedmont and Marche that they have not even challenged a law. Each appeal - comments the 5-star deputy - is a formal appeal by the central government which undermines the already strongly compromised credibility of the regional Parliament and which risks destabilizing institutional relations between state bodies ".


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