Cosenza-Sudtirol: Santoro di Messina arbitrerà – Tifo Cosenza

Alberto Santoro, from the Messina section, will be the referee for the Cosenza-Sudtirol match on Saturday, September 16th at 2:00 PM. The match is part of the 5th round of the Serie BKT 2023/2024 championship. Santoro will be assisted by Francesco Cortese from Palermo and Stefano Galimberti from Seregno. The fourth official will be Fabio Rosario Luongo from Naples. The VAR will be Francesco Meraviglia from Pistoia, with AVAR Luca Zufferli from Udine. This information was provided by Tifo Cosenza, who is the publisher of the content.

Cosenza-Sudtirol, arbitrerà Alberto Santoro di Messina – Tifo Cosenza

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