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Catania, incensurato preso a Picanello con l’accusa di spaccio di sostanza stupefacente

EAhxvhlSI Carabinieri della “Squadra Lupi” del Nucleo Investigativo del Comando Provinciale hanno dichiarato in arresto un catanese 39enne incensurato, sorpreso nella flagranza di reato di detenzione di…

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The Carabinieri of the “Squadra Lupi” of the Investigative Unit of the Provincial Command arrested a 39-year-old from Catania with a clean record, caught in the blatant crime of possession of drugs for the purpose of trafficking. A scrupulous info-investigative activity brought the Wolves to the heart of the Picanello district, in via Luigi Cherubini, as a continuous coming and going of young people had been reported to a house located on the upper floor of a building. The carabinieri waited for one of the buyers to unwisely leave the front door open and then, after quickly climbing to the floor, they took the man by surprise, waiting for another customer. The aforementioned, very close, spontaneously delivered, picking them up because they were hidden behind a photo frame, a wrapper containing a 25 gram cocaine stone, two doses ready for retail sale of the same drug, a precision scale and the necessary packaging material. The search, however carried out, subsequently allowed the military to find two more doses of cocaine hidden inside a bag, as well as the sum of 220 euros deemed to be the proceeds of the drug dealing activity. The Judicial Authority has validated the arrest of the 39-year-old for which, moreover, has ordered the subjecting to house arrest with the application of the electronic bracelet.


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