Catania: Palazzo Sangiorgio apre le porte –

Palazzo Sangiorgio, a new five-star hotel in Catania, Sicily, has opened its doors after three years of construction work. The hotel, named after the family who purchased and restored the 17th-century building, aims to become a luxury tourism destination. The renovation project was overseen by architects Michele and Solaria Sclafani, in collaboration with the Catania Superintendence for Cultural and Environmental Heritage. The hotel features 25 rooms, divided into Superior, Deluxe, and Suite categories, each uniquely designed. The suites offer private hammams and some even have Jacuzzi baths. The interiors are finished with Sicilian materials such as Comiso stone, Baucina tuff, lava stone, and pitch stone from Ragusa. The hotel also offers high-quality services to both guests and non-guests, including a restaurant called Basalto and a spa called Magma, which provides massages, holistic treatments, and relaxation opportunities. The hotel’s terrace, courtyard, meeting room, and bar are also open to the public, offering a unique perspective of the city.

Catania, apre le porte Palazzo Sangiorgio –

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