Arriva la campagna di sensibilizzazione sul riciclo

Italia Nostra is dedicating a campaign to the railway heritage called #Carastazione for the second time. This year, during the European Mobility Week (16-24 September) and throughout September and part of October, the campaign is focusing on small stations. In recent years, these minor stations have been penalized by technological advancements and indiscriminate staff cuts. Many of these small stations have been transformed into unattended stops for regional and local trains, leading to their deterioration and being targeted by vandals and theft. To counteract this, Ferrovie dello Stato has adopted a policy of granting and transferring the management of the stations to local authorities or third sector associations. However, only a few cases have achieved positive results. Local lines have also been greatly affected by the reduction of funding. Italia Nostra believes it is important to protect, recover, and use this heritage to ensure mobility rights for a wide range of users, including those in more remote and marginalized areas. The architectural value of the stations, warehouses, locomotive depots, and engineering works (such as bridges, galleries, and trenches) are also important to preserve. The cultural and economic role of the railway network in overcoming the isolation and backwardness of vast areas of the country should also be remembered. Various events, walks, cycling tours, and awareness actions will take place in different stations and along railway lines as part of the campaign.

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