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Auto kadhal is a unique love story between and teacher and the auto driver. The regular auto driver is now a caring lover.

Watch the video to know where this story goes on Chill Pannu Maapi.

#chillpannumaapi #short #deliverykaadhal

❤️ Auto driver Loves Teacher 😉 brings you a glimpse of true love .

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See what happens when an auto guy falls in love with the teacher. Here’s an adorable part of the heart-touching love story.

The auto driver is in love with the school teacher. Here’s part 32 of the unique love story. Don’t miss “Auto Kadhal.”

We bring you part 32 of “Auto Kadhal,” a unique Tamil love story of an auto driver and a school teacher.

Watch our new couple caring for each other and their unique story.

The extra care, love, and attention they have for each other are unmissable.

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